It is well known that Jerusalem, throughout its Arab and Islamic history was the destination for many scholars as well as students from all across the globe. This Holy city has had a scientific and cultural renaissance that was witnessed by the great number of scholars that have lived in it, visited it, and studied in the sacred Aqsa Mosque and in its schools, specifically during the Mamluk and the Ottoman empires.

However, the scientific movement has been negatively impacted In Jerusalem by the circumstances it has endured, especially when it comes to  focusing on the textual reading of heritage books, as well as analyzing them, understanding them and employing them in our current reality and lives. Despite the rise of contemporary educational methodologies, which helped provide competent people to work in schools, mosques and Islamic Law Judiciary in Jerusalem, and the rest of the Wesk Bank, there is still a need for Jerusalem to gain back its role in the Islamic scientific movement on the level of the Islamic world.   

Since the Al Quds University is the number one educational institute in Jerusalem, that makes it the most worthy of being the institute to take up this role and to spread the word to the Arab and Islamic world by transmitting the message of authentic science. The educational institutions of the Islamic world could participate by holding educational courses aimed at those interested in it alongside students throughout the Islamic world and by broadcasting them through contemporary technologies. Thus, Jerusalem and its university (Al-Quds University) and its scholars can connect with the rest of the world since the rest of the world was unable to connect with it.